Seagull Data Mining Inc.

The Bottom Line

We help you turn your data into bottom line profits. We turn the systems that you use to run your day-to-day business into the gold mine that it truly is. The gold mine that lets you realize the advantage you have over your competitors, and do it with a far more cost effective methodology through automation instead of traditional labor intensive sales and marketing programs.

The Seagull Data Mining solutions will allow your company to:
  • increase retention and expand the relationships of your best customers
  • control costs by channelling the right amount of service to the right customers
  • create loyalty programs that prevent your competitors from stealing away your best customers
  • get the right data to the right sales staff at the right time for effective/targeted calling programs
  • establish new customer acquisition programs
  • increase the profitability of your current customer base
We offer the technical, marketing, and finance business expertise that is needed to not only build a data warehouse infrastructure but allow you to execute on it.