***** SDMI Software Announcement *****

You can test SDMI software is now available for beta testing.
The current beta version is 0.9.14 - released on December 8, 2003

Click here to download a copy

If you would like to sign up for the SDMI beta test program, which will enable you to download the latest SDMI software:
Send an email to "beta@sdmi.com" and include your name, phone number, company name, and return email address.

Who is Seagull Data Mining Inc.?

Seagull Data Mining is a consulting company that specializes in helping companies use their databases to actively sell their products or services.

This process is known as database marketing, and can be employed by any business that has some kind of a database that contains some information about their customers.

Seagull Data Mining will assist your company in all steps of this process, from initial database or data warehouse creation, to the final steps of implementing a database marketing program and training your sales force to use this newfound gold mine.

Complete Integrated Solutions

We offer complete hardware and software solutions customized to the way you run your business. We offer a suite of pre-integrated and custom products that you can choose from to increase your bottom line whether you have 500 or 500,000,000 customers.

We can take your company to the "next level" in strategic marketing, sales, and management decision support no matter where you currently are in your database development. We can provide integrated solutions of hardware and software from a Microsoft Windows solution to a massively parallel processing UNIX relational based environment to a mainframe relational CICS ORACLE or DB2 solution. Whether you require database management, campaign management, direct marketing, or sales platform and CIF software integration, we can create the tailor-made solution for your business.

The Bottom Line

We help you turn your data into bottom line profits. We turn the systems that you use to run your day-to-day business into the gold mine that it truly is. The gold mine that lets you realize the advantage you have over your competitors, and do it with a far more cost effective methodology through automation instead of traditional labor intensive sales and marketing programs.

The Seagull Data Mining solutions will allow your company to:
  • increase retention and expand the relationships of your best customers
  • control costs by channelling the right amount of service to the right customers
  • create loyalty programs that prevent your competitors from stealing away your best customers
  • get the right data to the right sales staff at the right time for effective/targeted calling programs
  • establish new customer acquisition programs
  • increase the profitability of your current customer base
We offer the technical, marketing, and finance business expertise that is needed to not only build a data warehouse infrastructure but allow you to execute on it.

Contacting SDMI

For more information about how your company can benefit from the programs that Seagull Data Mining provides, you can contact us by Email at:

or by writing us at:
Seagull Data Mining Inc.
PO Box 37135
Milwaukee, WI 53237

or by phoning us at: